Event production:

We specialize in the production of social occasions (weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and more) and workplace events. Remove any worries from your mind, or the headaches of dealing with many different suppliers with many different requirements and limitations.

The solution we offer is comprehensive and the production of the event will include:

  • Shading solutions: shading compounds for social occasions and workplace events – we will use Lycra fabric / mesh fabric according to the requirements of the customer and the weather conditions.
  • Seating solutions: alternative seating compounds – seating areas from futon benches and tables / beanbag for seating according to customer demand.
  • Decorations: highly invested decoration for social occasions, student days and so forth – decorative additions to the compound / live elements / LED lighting for nighttime events / music compounds.
  • Weddings : fulfilling dreams by meticulous production in various outdoor locations – personal accompaniment of the couple until the day of the wedding, the production of a special event with all of our equipment and work versus various suppliers such as catering, audio amplification equipment and more, all according to the requirements of the client.


Do you already know what to do and just need the equipment for the event? Instead of renting expensive equipment that will lay in storage, go for the rental option! You have the option of renting shading systems and seating systems for events at the highest quality in Israel and at an affordable price.

We rent the following products to the public:

  • Massive shading sets IMPRESSIVE
  • Personal/couple seating benches.
  • Low seating tables
  • Massive mats for the shaded compound
  • Designed pillows and beanbag

Custom made orders:

For event producers with particularly fine and discerning tastes – we offer sewing services for any purpose. We get many different and sometimes exotic requests for special purpose designed products and the truth is – we love the challenge! The option of sewing a custom made product gives you a wide space of maneuver and in fact you can prepare everything for your event at our factory – decorative covers for seats and tables, stage covering, tents and stretchable shading fabrics, decorative canopies, shading systems, padding for outdoor furniture, rain resistant covers, covers for shipping and storage and more. 

We will be happy to fulfill all of your heart’s wishes with the raw materials we have available:

  • Lycra fabric: a synthetic fabric known for its elasticity and durability. Also protects from UV in the sun’s rays.
  • Burlington fabric: a synthetic and flexible fabric that is wrinkle resistant. Very durable and comfortable to work with. Water repelling.
  • Corduroy fabric: a tough, rough and resistant fabric with light PVC covering on its rear side, rendering it water resistant. Suitable for purses and backpacks as well as Jeep outdoors trip.
  • PU fabric: a lightweight canvas used for a wide variety of interior covers. The advantage is that this is a very light fabric, that it easily folds and that it is pleasant to the eye. It is very easy to remove and to apply to large surfaces.
  • PVC fabric: a completely sealed canvas, with a totally sealed PVC cover that is suitable to all weather conditions.
  • Mattresses: various fillings including white sponge (simple and suitable for rentals), blue sponge (higher quality, suitable for homes and seating areas), and yellow sponge (The highest quality for paddings and furniture). These sponges are suitable for seating areas, outdoor or home mattresses and even Gymboree.
  • Pillows: a variety of possible fillings including acrilan, Comforel, sponge pellets and Styrofoam pellets. It all depends on the client’s demands.

You can’t find the raw materials you seek in the above list? Do not despair so quickly! We have experience with all types of fabrics and fillings in the market, and we know how to match the material to the needs of the client.

We are available to answer any question you might have

Factory store: Abarbanel 8, Florentine, Tel – Aviv

Phone: 052–8814748

Email: studio@tianxiart.com

Work hours: Sunday to Thursday 09:00-18:00