What is the number of people that can fit under each shade canopy?

Our shade canopies arrive in various sizes:
1 Impressive – suitable for 2 people.
2 Impressive –suitable for 4 people.
3 Impressive – suitable for 8 people.
4 Impressive – suitable for 16 people.
Impressive off road – suitable for 8 people.

The IMPRESSIVE PRO shade canopies are suitable for much more than sitting under shade. They are intended for use over several days and nights, and can also shelter tents and seating arrangements.

6 Impressive – 36 square meters (before stretching it out). Suitable for 36 people according to a calculation of 1 square meter per person.
7 Impressive – 56 square meters (before being stretched out). Suitable for 56 people according to a calculation of 1 square meter per person.

But what about the wind? Is the shade canopy capable of withstanding it?

All of our shade canopies are made out of a fabric. One of their qualities is bidirectional stretching – which means that the fabric will flow together with the movement of the air and will not create any resistance. In addition to that, the ideal opening position of the shade canopy is facing the wind – when the shade canopy is set up so that it faces the wind, the air currents themselves provide it with buoyancy and the fabric achieves maximal stretching, creating the greatest possible shade coverage.

Is the fabric resistant to beach conditions? Sand? The sun?

Our company spares nothing where the quality of the material is concerned which is why we will always work with the best possible materials for the production of the shading canopies. Our Lycra fabrics were originally used to manufacture swim suits, and so were designed to withstand conditions of sun, sand, saltwater and chlorine.

Is the Shade canopy sufficient to provide total protection from the rays of the sun?

The shade canopy is made out of fabric with a 50 UPF radiation filter, according to the Australian standard (AS/NZS 4399 : 1966).
However, the shade canopy does not, and cannot, provide total protection against the sun and we always recommend combining the protection offered by the shade canopy with a sun blocker.

Where are the shade canopies manufactured?

All of the products offered in the online store are produced in Israel exclusively by the TIANXIA company..

How can I maintain and extend the product lifetime of the Shade canopy?

In order to extend the product lifetime, it is recommended that you wash it at the end of the season in a regular laundry at a temperature of up to 40 degrees. Furthermore, it is recommended that you dry it solely by air and not in a dryer. Properly used, the shade canopy is designed to last several years, a product lifetime that is the result of the high quality of the materials which we use.

Is there any warranty for the shade canopy?

Certainly, the manufacturer warranty for the product is for 12 months for any defect that arises from the factory. This warranty does not cover cases of improper use of the shade canopy or natural wear and tear.

Do the different colors of the shade canopy have any effect on the shade produced?

Another one of the unique qualities of our shade canopy is the airy fabric which we use, which prevents the fabric from warming up under the rays of the sun. Furthermore, the fabric which we use is particularly thick (185 grams per square meter) which means that you will always have excellent shade. Since the thickness of the fabric prevents the sun’s rays from penetrating the fabric, even for the brightest hues, do not hold back from picking your favorite colors – even if they are bright.

Can poles be added to the shade canopy?

To anyone who wishes to upgrade the shade canopy, the answer is absolutely yes. An additional pair of poles creates a flat rectangle of cloth overhead – which increases the size of the shaded area. Furthermore, the entire area of the shade canopy, as it will descend in a slope towards the ground. Having said that, it is important for us to stress that the shade canopy was designed to be optimally used with two poles and additional poles are not in any way necessary for its proper use.

Beanbag chairs:

What is the beanbag made of?

The lycra fabrics used for our line of beanbag chair products is made up of 90% cotton and 10% lycra – the ideal fabric composition which provides both comfort and pampering flexibility.

Where should beanbags be used?

The entire line of beanbag products is intended for interior spaces (the interior of your home; rooms, living room, TV area, businesses, offices and work spaces).
The beanbag chair can also be taken outside to your yard but bear in mind that the fabrics are not resistant to the sun and might fade. You must keep the product from getting wet.

How long will the beanbag last?

Just as in the rest of the company here too, in the beanbag department, we maintain the principles of using the best possible materials. When the product is used correctly it can last for several years. Furthermore, all products contain a double fabric layer so that the covering and the Styrofoam filling can be replaced over time.

Are the beanbag chairs covered by a warranty?

Certainly. There is a manufacturer’s warranty for one year on seams and zippers for our entire line of beanbag products.

Why should the beanbag chairs be refreshed from time to time?

After a while, the volume of the Styrofoam pellets in the filling of the beanbag chair naturally decreases. Therefore, it is possible to replace the pellets within the internal layer of the fabric cover and thereby refresh the beanbag chair. You can either reach our factory store to refill the beanbag or else purchase Styrofoam by weight.

Can external fabric covers be purchased separately?

Certainly, external covers can be purchased separately for all products in our beanbag line.

If I require large quantities of beanbags what should I do?

We have considerable experience in the field of textiles, and we have the ability to design and create textile products of all kinds. For any question or idea for development, you can send a query through our online site and our representatives will be happy to contact you promptly.

We are available to answer any of your questions by phone 052 – 8814748 or by mail