It is always most enjoyable to receive your ordered delivery promptly, which is why we gurantee to be as quick as possible in delivering your product.
Your order is packed on the very day of the order and handed over to the deliveryman!
The time it takes for your order to arrive depends on the shipping zone to which you want the package delivered but will not, in any event, exceed 5 business days. For the most part our deliveries arrive ahead of time (on business days).

How is product replacement performed?

Product replacement takes place solely through the customer service call center.
In the event that you decided to carry out a product replacement, please contact us and we will be delighted to help coordinate the product replacement through a deliver man who will promptly arrive ad your desired address.
When the deliveryman arrives to hand over to you the new package you must provide him with the previous package.
In the event that you will be interested to perform a product replacement or an additional return of product for the same order –the cost of shipping is 30 NIS for the second product replacement / return.

Return of product

Return of product is performed via a deliveryman and should be arranged exclusively through our customer service call center (phone number 052-8814748) in accordance to our product return policy. The return will be performed by deliveryman to the home.
Please contact our service center at 052-8814748 in order to arrange a deliveryman to collect the product.

Product return policy

The product can be returned only on the condition that the product package has not been opened and no use was made of the product, leaving it in its original packaging. We will have the product back in our factory within 5 days from the time of the request, so that we might have an opportunity to examine it. In the event that product packaging is intact and no use has been made of it, we will provide a full refund (not including shipping costs).
The financial refund will be delivered within no more than 14 business days from the date of the return of the product. The refund will be made solely to the payment means from which the order had been carried out.
The refund will be performed under the same conditions of the original transaction.

Merchandise delivery time

The delivery will be sent to the address noted at the time of the order.
The receipt will be automatically issued to the mail mentioned in the system to the name of the customer who performed the order.
The customer must notify us of any change in the timing and the location of the delivery.
The day of the performance of the order shall be defined as the day the credit card company authorized the transaction.
Business days are: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
Friday, Saturday and holidays or half work days are not considered to be business days.

Shipping options and prices

• Delivery to home – within 5 business days – 30 NIS
• Shipping prices may change from time to time in accordance with the decision of the company without prior notice.
• Update yourself with the costs of the shipping in the order stand.

Self collection – contact to coordinate at 052–8814748

• Arrive with pre-coordination and collection from the company offices at the address Abarbanel 8, Florentine, Tel Aviv.
• Self collection requires coordination during the order process.

Financial refund conditions

Financial refund will only be provided to the credit card through which the original transaction was performed and at the same payment rates.
Debit cards, regardless of the type, can not be credited and neither can cash transactions.
Financial refunds for transactions performed by PayPal will only be performed to the PayPal account from which the transaction was performed.
The sum of the refund is identical to the sum paid for the item with the deduction of the shipping costs and 5% cancellation value of the product cost (in the event that the payment was not made in cash).

Transaction cancellation – product return policy

The contents above are subject to the law of the protection of the consumer 1981 (Hereinafter : The law) and its regulations.
The orderer is the only individual entitled to cancel the order and only under the following circumstances:
• Cancellation of the transaction prior to the sending of the product
• Cancellation of the transaction following the shipping of the product (within 14 days)
In the aforementioned cases it will be possible to cancel the transaction and the entirety of the sum will be refunded in accordance with the schedule of the credit card companies. Let it be clarified that in the event that the product has already been shipped, the cost of the shipping will be deducted from the amount returned to the customer.

We are available for any question for you by phone at 0528814748, or by mail